Joker (2019): Where Can I Watch It Online?


Joker (2019): What does everyone in the globe desire today, and we believe your estimate is the best answer. Yes, everything is ideal, whether it’s a task or a way of life, but what about those who don’t fall into this category? Have you ever considered it? What happens to them? Perhaps into a mental institution.

So, the essential question remains the same: who is more obsessed with perfection or with flaws? We may have put you in a sombre mood, but this was simply a nod to the movie that has been sweeping the nation in 2019, which is none other than Joker.

What happens in Joker (2019)?

When the term Joker comes up in discussion nowadays, we immediately think of Batman. We don’t we? Yes, not everyone does it, but the majority of us do. This time, we’ll be discussing the same Joker, but in a new light, with him as the central character. The plot of this film centres around Arthur Fleck, a guy who aspires to be the finest stand-up comedian in the world.


It is not only his goal, but also a method for him to earn a livelihood while simultaneously serving his adoring mother. However, circumstances do not unfold as planned, causing him to become entangled in a tangle. This film brilliantly demonstrates that not everyone is born a villain; it’s simply that their circumstances don’t turn out to be in their favour. It’s a battle he’s been fighting for a long time with a stable-minded culture.

When and where will we be able to see Joker?

It was first performed at the International Venice Festival, where it received a standing ovation lasting over 8 minutes, and all of this took place on August 31, 2019. Aside from that, it was also given a Golden Lion award, along with any other awards.

Bringing you the information you’ve been waiting for about where you can watch this masterpiece, which is none other than Netflix, and you can also rent it from Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play Movies.

What Else Should You Know Before You Watch Joker?

The entire ensemble of this picture was excellent, but the main character, portrayed by none other than Joaquin Phoenix, was especially compassionate. It was the first R-rated picture to gross one billion dollars at the box office, making it the sixth highest-grossing film of the year. The film has a gloomy tone and setting, but the narrative and acting talents make it one of those that can be seen over and over again.

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