Hightown Season 3: What Are Release Speculations and What We Know So Far?

Hightown Season 3

Hightown Season 3: The traditional American crime drama TV show Hightown brings to the audience a new kind of storey. Which show developers and creators Rebecca Cutter, Gary Lennon, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Johnathan Littman, the show set new records for the audience across several online platforms with its inaugural season on Starz TV.

With the growing fanbase, a lot of viewers have begun questioning about an upcoming season. Continue reading to find out whether Hightown will have a Hightown Season 3, and if so, then what will it be about.

What Is The Show Hightown About?

The Starz crime show ‘Hightown,’ focuses on Jackie Quinones, who works at National Marine Fisheries Service. Her life is loaded with alcohol and drugs, but all of it turns upside down when she comes across a woman’s dead body.

All the events that can come up only set an all-new way for Jackie’s recovery. When investigators Alan Saintille and Ray Abruzzo conduct an inquiry into a homicide, the violence and drug network begins unfolding.

Hightown Season 3

Hightown Season 3: Will It Happen Or Not

Although until now, there has been no official confirmation by Starz regarding an upcoming season of Hightown, the fans can expect a new season sometime. In October this year, Actor James Badge Dale who plays the character of Ray Abruzzo, disclosed in a public talk that the show has more in it than just two seasons.

So hopefully, the fans will get to see another season from this show. The third season, if confirmed in early 2022, will hit the screens probably by fall next year.

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Hightown Season 3 Storyline: What Might Happen This Time?

In case Starz confirms the show a third season, then you can expect the show to continue from what happened last to Frankie. Now, Frankie might have to find a different way to continue his drug establishment since Jorge’s killing took place and when Jackie and Alan made attempts to clear up the region. However, the two are dubious about giving in their best. Hightown season 3 can also show a deeper insight into Ray’s life.

How To Watch Hightown: Where Can We Find Hightown Season 3 Online?

When it comes to crime dramas, most of the streaming platforms have almost every other series. The audience can catch the show on Starz or on Hulu that has a Starz add-on. Starz has made its name and place in today’s world and brings to its audience a plethora of genres. Famous drama shows like Outlander, American Gods, and The White Queen try to stay away from being set into a particular genre.

Hightown Season 3 Expected Number Of Episodes

Currently, the second Season of Hightown is still going on. Until now, a total of 6 episodes have been released so far. Hand in hand, the remaining 4 episodes are also slated for release. The show comes up with a new episode every week on Sunday. With no public declaration about a third season, one can only anticipate the number of episodes comparing it from the previous seasons.